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The Complete Story of Hanukkah

Discover the how, when and where of the Chanukah (Hanukkah) miracle.

The Maccabees: The Jewish Freedom Fighters
The Maccabees were a band of Jewish freedom fighters who freed Judea from the Syrian-Greek occupiers during the Second Temple period.
The Story of Chanukah
The events that led to the heroic Maccabean revolt, the battles, the victories, the miracle of the Chanukah lights and the events that followed...
The Story of Yehudit
The Woman Who Saved the Day
The sun had already begun to set when Yehudit wound her way toward the enemy’s camp. “I have an important message for your commander,” she said to the sentry. “Take me to him at once!”
Chanah and Her Seven Sons
Heroism and Martyrdom
"My children," Chanah said, "tell your ancestor Abraham: You bound one son upon an altar, but I bound seven..."
Miracle of the Maccabees
The Chanukah Story (Audio)
This action-filled radio play portrays the miracle of Chanukah as a victory of Jewish spirit over the forces of assimilation.
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