Wisdom to Heal the Earth

A new book by Tzvi Freeman

About the book

If there is a single, overarching theme that has been at the center of Jewish thought and practice throughout all time and across all borders and denominations, it is the desire and hope that the physical and spiritual universe should be brought to a state of complete and everlasting perfection, once and for all.

This great, mystical drive and goal, known as Tikun Olam, has been manifest in Jewish thought and practice in myriad ways over the past four thousand years, not the least in modern Jewish life through social activism—the concern for and practical help to people and things in need—which from the time of Abraham and Sarah has been a signature drive of the Jewish people.

Wisdom to Heal the Earth is a revolutionary new look at Tikun Olam from the perspective of “the most influential rabbi in modern history,” — the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory.

Now, for the first time, through fifteen profoundly engaging essays and almost 400 daily meditations, the book’s author, Tzvi Freeman, brings the Rebbe’s worldview of Tikun Olam to individuals and communities everywhere, preparing readers for the inner and outer-directed work that will permanently transform life on earth for the good.

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About the Author

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

For more than two decades, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman has communicated the wisdom of the Rebbe to the world in a unique and captivating literary style, providing daily inspiration to hundreds of thousands through best-selling books like Bringing Heaven Down to Earth; and in essays, articles and video presentations on Chabad.org, including the widely acclaimed Daily Doses of Wisdom.

His other books include:

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