Dear Partner,

It is with great pride that we invite you to take the very first peek at the all-new!

Employing razor-like focus while defying great technical and editorial odds, our team has relentlessly pursued this dream. With G‑d’s help, it is now about to become a reality, as we enter beta-testing mode.

Possibly the most noticeable improvements of the new site are a crisper, cleaner design and a simplified navigation.

However, we also worked hard to enhance all facets of our users’ experience, including readability, content discovery, social media integration, and more.

Many of the changes might be imperceptible to the naked eye – we rewrote literally millions of lines of computer code to make the underlying engine stronger and even more versatile – and that’s okay; it is the totality of the effort that we hope will resonate for you and for all our users.

* * *

Now, a request:

Please help us out by providing us with your feedback!

As a primary partner in this endeavor, your personal experience and comments are crucially important to our team. I ask you, therefore, to please share with us any reaction you have about what you think works best, what doesn’t, what might be altered in some way, and so forth.

* * *

May the merit of your partnership stand you and yours in good stead to receive unprecedented Divine blessing for you and the entire world, for a sweet, prosperous, peaceful and meaningful year.


Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin

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