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Shulchan Aruch, Hilchos Tzitzis

View all 23 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 8: Hilchos Tzitzis v’Atifaso
Laws of Tzitzis and Wrapping Oneself in a Tallis
View all 8 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 9: Eizeh Begadim Chayavim BeTzitzis
The Garments that Require Tzitzis and Those that are Exempt
View all 11 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 14: Dinei Tzitzis She'asaan Nachri v'Nashim v'Tallis Sheulah
Laws Relating to Tzitzis made by a Non-Jew or by Women, and [Laws Relating to] a Borrowed Tallis
View all 16 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 15: Im Lehatir Tzitzis MeBeged LeBeged
The Permissibility of Transferring Tzitzis from One Garment to Another, and Laws Relating to a Torn Tallis
View all 7 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 18: Zeman Tzitzis
The Times at which [the Mitzvah of] Tzitzis Applies
View all 2 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 19: Zeman Birkas Tzitzis
The Times at which a Blessing is Recited over Tzitzis
View all 2 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 21: K'das Ma Laasos b'Tzitzis Shenifseku
What is to be Done with Tzitzis Detached from Old Tallisos
View all 2 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 22: No Title
The Recitation of Shehecheyanu over Wearing a Tallis & Tzitzis
View all 5 videosShulchan Aruch, Chapter 24: Sechar Levishas Tzitzis V'anshah
The Reward for Wearing Tzitzis and the Punishment [for Ignoring This Obligation]
Study one halacha or more each day from the Shulchan Aruch (code of Jewish law) authored by the Alter Rebbe, R’ Schneur Zalman of Liadi.
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