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Positive Commandment 238

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Positive Commandment 238 (Digest)
Damage Caused by a Ditch

"And if a man shall open a pit..."Exodus 21:33.

We are commanded regarding the laws [of liability] that apply if a person digs a pit [and another's animal falls into it and is injured].

Translation of (the unabridged text of) Sefer Hamitzvot by Rabbi Berel Bell, member of the Rabbinical Court of Montreal and director of Teacher Training for the Jewish Learning Institute.

From "Sefer Hamitzvot in English," published by Sichos in English.
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As the six-day workweek culminates in Shabbat, so, too, will the six millennia of our work and toil to make the world a home for G-d culminate in the Messianic Era -- "the day that is wholly Shabbat and tranquility, for life everlasting"
  –Nachmanides (commentary on Genesis 1)
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