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Daily Mitzvah

Negative Commandment 106; Positive Commandment 87

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Negative Commandment 106 (Digest)
Exchanging an Animal Designated for Sacrifice for Another

"He shall not exchange it or transfer it"Leviticus 27:10.

It is forbidden to exchange an animal designated for sacrifice for another animal; i.e., to attempt to transfer the holiness from one animal to another.

Positive Commandment 87 (Digest)
The Sanctity of an "Exchanged" Animal

"Both it and its substitute shall be holy"Leviticus 27:10.

In the event that someone exchanges an animal designated for sacrifice with another animal – i.e., he attempts to transfer the holiness from one animal to another – the animal upon which holiness was transferred becomes holy, [also] designated for sacrifice.

Translation of (the unabridged text of) Sefer Hamitzvot by Rabbi Berel Bell, member of the Rabbinical Court of Montreal and director of Teacher Training for the Jewish Learning Institute.

From "Sefer Hamitzvot in English," published by Sichos in English.
Daily Quote
As they set out from their place above, each soul is male and female as one. Only as they descend to this world do they part, each to its own side. And then it is the One Above who unites them again. This is His exclusive domain, for He alone knows which soul belongs to which and how they must reunite.
  –Zohar (Book I, 85b)
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