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Daily Mitzvah

Negative Commandment 42; Positive Commandment 120; Negative Commandment 210

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Negative Commandment 42 (Digest)
Wearing a Mixture of Wool and Linen

"You shall not wear a garment of sha'atnez"Deuteronomy 22:11.

It is forbidden to wear a garment woven [or sewn] of wool and linen, as was the practice of ancient pagan priests, and still practiced today [Ed.'s note: in Maimonides' times] amongst Egyptian monks.

Positive Commandment 120 (Digest)
Leaving the Edges of the Fields for the Poor

"...you shall leave them over"Leviticus 19:10.

We are commanded to leave over the edge of our grain and fruit crops for the poor and the stranger.

This commandment applies to an individual tree as it does to a field, and only in the Land of Israel.

Negative Commandment 210 (Digest)
Reaping an Entire Harvest

"Do not remove the corners of your field when you reap the harvest"Leviticus 23:22.

It is forbidden to harvest an entire field without leaving over the edge for the needy.

Translation of (the unabridged text of) Sefer Hamitzvot by Rabbi Berel Bell, member of the Rabbinical Court of Montreal and director of Teacher Training for the Jewish Learning Institute.

From "Sefer Hamitzvot in English," published by Sichos in English.
Daily Quote
The following two steps are most critical to healing of all ailments, both physical and spiritual: a) to know that one is ill, and desire most fervently to be cured of one's malady; b) to know that one can be cured, with hope and absolute trust that, with G-d's help, one will indeed be cured of his sickness.
  –Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch
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