If the person formerly afflicted with tzara’at could not afford the lambs required for his sacrifices, he could substitute fowl.
Achieving Spiritual Balance
זֹאת תּוֹרַת אֲשֶׁר בּוֹ נֶגַע צָרָעַת . . . בְּטָהֳרָתוֹ: (ויקרא יד:לב)
This is the law regarding someone suffering from a lesion of tzara’at . . . when he is to be purified. Leviticus 14:32

The fact that the symptom of tzara’at was a white spot on the flesh indicates that tzara’at resulted when holy rapture is not balanced by an equal sense of humble commitment to our Divine mission. Divine rapture is an expression of our love of G‑d, whereas humble devotion to His will is an expression of our fear of G‑d and submission to His will. Love of G‑d and fear of G‑d are identified in Jewish mystical texts as the “right hand” and “left hand” of our soul, respectively. Thus, favoring one over the other upsets our spiritual balance.

Opposite forces can only be harmonized by using a third force that surpasses and encompasses them both – the study of the Torah. Studying the Torah with a sense of self-nullification to G‑d enables us to rise above the limitations of logic and nature. We can harmonize the opposites of love and fear, and restore the healthy balance between them. This is another way in which the study of the Torah is the antidote for gossip and slander, bringing healing and harmony into the world.1