The Torah then discusses the laws regarding ritual defilement caused by discharges from women’s reproductive organs. It first discusses the laws of normal menstrual bleeding.
The Lessons of the Feminine Cycle
וְאִשָּׁה כִּי תִהְיֶה זָבָה וגו': (ויקרא טו:יט)
If a woman has a discharge . . . Leviticus 15:19

Before they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam and Eve were paragons of spiritual perfection and purity. By eating the Tree’s fruit, they opened the door for the mixture of good and evil, causing the world to fall from its previous degree of spiritual purity. Female menstruation and its resultant ritual defilement also began only after Adam and Eve ate from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, as a result of the intermixture of good and evil that became an integral part of nature.

The Jewish people are G‑d’s “bride.” When the Holy Temple was standing, we were closer to G‑d, whose presence we could feel openly. During exile, however, we are like a menstruating wife, who is not allowed to have marital relations with her husband.

It is important to realize that the intermixture of good and evil will not continue forever. In the future, G‑d will “cause the spirit of defilement to pass from the world.” The Talmudic sages teach us that this means that women will no longer menstruate. Similarly, with the coming of the Redemption, G‑d’s “bride,” the Jewish people, will once again unite with Him, this time forever.

The inner purpose of studying the Torah and fulfilling G‑d’s commandments at present is to hasten the long-awaited reinstatement of our close, loving bond with G‑d in its fullest revelation.1