In the course of the sacrificial rites performed on the formerly afflicted person, the officiating priest must apply some of the blood of one of the sacrifices to various points on the person’s body.
A Pure and Humble Heart
וְלָקַח הַכֹּהֵן מִדַּם וגו': (ויקרא יד:יד)
The priest must take some of the blood. Leviticus 14:14

As just mentioned, the excess negative energy generated by the sins of gossip and slander is counteracted and overcome by studying the Torah “excessively”; this generates an excess of positive energy. However, in order for our study of the Torah to indeed elicit Divine energy and infuse it into creation, we must study it with pure motives, namely, in order to fulfill G‑d’s will and disseminate Divine consciousness, rather than for personal interest or as an intellectual pursuit. Therefore, just as a priest had to officiate at the purification process of a person formerly afflicted with tzara’at, our study of the Torah must be overseen by our inner “priest.” The priest in the Tabernacle (and later, in the holy Temple) personified total self-nullification to G‑d; similarly, we should strive to study the Torah with a pure and humble heart.1