As explained above, the first symptom of tzara’at of the skin is a white spot on the flesh.
Getting Carried Away
וְהָיְתָה מִחְיַת הַמִּכְוָה בַּהֶרֶת לְבָנָה וגו': (ויקרא יג:כד)
If the healed area of the burn turns into a white spot . . . Leviticus 13:24

White is a symbol of purity and innocence. Therefore, the appearance of an abnormally white spot on the flesh can also indicate an overabundance of holy spiritual energy. This can happen when our experience of holy rapture is not balanced by an equal sense of humble commitment to our Divine mission.

In this context, the sin of gossip – which tzara’at is meant to indicate – can be seen as too much of what could have (and should have) been a good or even holy thing, but instead degenerated into the opposite. We are all aware of how powerful speech can be in forging social ties and promoting peace. Whether we are conscious of it or not, this is why we enjoy social conversation, clarifying issues with each other until we reach a mutual understanding. When, however, a hidden excess of ego insists that our reputation or esteem take precedence over the advancement of social harmony, some gossip or slander is inadvertently released in the excitement of conversation. It is therefore crucial that we remain constantly on guard, so only good come out of our social conversation.1