Tzara’at of the skin can develop out of a lesion, an inflammation, or a burn. In all these cases, the first symptom of this affliction is a white spot on the flesh.
Symptoms of Spiritual Blockage
שְׂאֵת לְבָנָה אוֹ בַהֶרֶת לְבָנָה . . . וְנִרְאָה אֶל הַכֹּהֵן: (ויקרא יג:יט)
If a white spot [develops, the person] must be shown to the priest [in order to determine if he is afflicted with tzara’at]. Leviticus 13:19

When G‑d causes tzara’at to appear on a person’s skin, He does so by limiting the circulation of blood in a specific area of the skin, which then turns white. This blockage in the circulation is the physical symptom of a similar, spiritual blockage.

The spiritual blockage that results in physical tzara’at occurs when our feelings of spiritual inspiration fail to humble us as they should. Instead of making us into better people, our enhanced awareness of G‑d inflates our ego. This amplified sense of self-worth intoxicates us with overconfidence. If left unchecked, this self-righteousness can corrupt us in many ways.

It is therefore important to make sure that no such spiritual blockage occurs, that spiritual inspiration always humbles us and is expressed in our concern for others.1