All sacrifices were salted just before they were burned on the Altar.
Elevating the Four Kingdoms
עַל כָּל קָרְבָּנְךָ תַּקְרִיב מֶלַח: (ויקרא ב:יג)
[G‑d told Moses,] “You must offer up salt on all your sacrifices.” Leviticus 2:13

All four kingdoms of creation are incorporated in the sacrifices: Salt is the mineral element; the oil, wine, and flour that accompany sacrifices are the vegetative element; the animal itself is the animal element; the person offering the sacrifice and the priest officiating at the sacrifice are the human element. Through these representatives, the sacrifice elevates all four kingdoms of creation into holiness.

Similarly, the animal and vegetable food that we eat is our own personal “sacrifice,” since by eating it, we transform it into the fuel that enables us to fulfill G‑d’s commandments, thereby elevating it into holiness. In this context, our tables are our own personal “altars.” Traditionally, the bread that we eat is first dipped in salt. In this way, we elevate all four kingdoms of creation at our table, just as they were in the sacrifices.1