After Moses told the people what was needed in order to construct the Tabernacle, the people started bringing their contributions.
How to Educate Successfully
חָח וָנֶזֶם וְטַבַּעַת וְכוּמָז וגו': (שמות לה:כב)
[The people brought their gold] bracelets, nose-rings, finger-rings, and chastity belts. Exodus 35:22

The medieval Biblical scholar Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra translates this list of items slightly differently, as “earrings, nose-rings, finger-rings, and bracelets.”

The four items that the women donated allude to the four aspects of proper child-rearing and Jewish education:

Earrings: Listening carefully to children’s conversations with their peers, for children learn how to talk from their elders’ example; if something is amiss in how they speak, it means something is amiss in how their role models speak.

Nose-rings: Developing a keen sense of “smell” to determine if children’s friendships with other children are beneficial.

Finger-rings: Pointing children to the proper path, by gently guiding them to adhere to the Torah’s teachings and not to follow harmful paths.

Bracelets: Being strong-armed – for even if children are well-behaved, it is necessary to be firm with them in order to foster their enthusiasm for their studies.1