G‑d told Moses to encourage the Jewish people to remember their history, recalling how G‑d chose them to be His people, gave them the Torah, and shepherded them through the desert on the way from Egypt to the Land of Israel.
Maintaining Focus
יְסֹבֲבֶנְהוּ וגו': (דברים לב:י)
[Moses said,] “[G‑d] made [the Jewish people] surround Him [by commanding them to camp around the Tabernacle].” Deuteronomy 32:10

By studying the Torah regularly, we construct a “Tabernacle,” i.e., a dwelling for G‑d, in our personal lives. By commanding the Jewish people to encamp around the Tabernacle, G‑d teaches us that we should center our lives around this inner sanctuary. The innermost point of the Tabernacle was the Ark, which housed the Tablets of the Covenant, i.e., the Torah. When the Torah is the focal point around which our lives revolve, it can positively affect all facets of our lives, as it is meant to. Furthermore, once the Torah is illuminating and influencing our lives as it is meant to, its influence can spread still further outward, enlightening and refining all humanity and the entire world.1