Moses then encouraged the Jewish people to turn only to G‑d for all their needs, and not to seek ways to foretell the future.
Trusting in G‑d
תָּמִים תִּהְיֶה עִם ה' אֱלֹקֶיךָ: (דברים יח:יג)
[Moses told the Jewish people, “Rather than trying to divine the future,] be wholehearted with G‑d.” Deuteronomy 18:13

When we are connected to G‑d, we are not subject to any form of predestination. We should therefore never be concerned with predicting the future, with freeing ourselves from the “spells” of any real or imagined forces, or with dealing with the possible influence of previous incarnations on our lives.

The surest way of ensuring our happiness and success in life is by devoting ourselves wholeheartedly to learning what G‑d expects of us (by studying His Torah), by addressing our prayers directly to Him, and by fulfilling His will.1