The Jewish people traveled around the kingdom of Moab and then turned northward. The Amorites, who lived north of Moab, planned to ambush them as they crossed into their territory, but G d caused an earthquake, killing the Amorites in their hideouts. The Jewish people were thus able to continue safely through Amorite territory northward.
Living in the Future
מִשָּׁם נָסָעוּ וַיַּחֲנוּ מֵעֵבֶר אַרְנוֹן וגו': (במדבר כא:יג)
[The Jewish people] journeyed [northward] and encamped on the side of the Arnon River. Numbers 21:13

G‑d originally promised Abraham the territories of ten nations: seven in Canaan and three to the east of the Jordan. The Jewish people were at this point supposed to only conquer Canaan, leaving the land east of the Jordan for the Messianic era. But because Edom and Moab refused them passage, the Jewish people had to enter Canaan by way of the very territories that G‑d had promised them would be theirs in the future. Circumstances thus enabled them to conquer large parts of these lands even before entering Canaan. The originally intended order was reversed; they began to consummate the future even before actualizing the present.

The new generation did not ask to send out spies, nor did they question Moses’ leadership. Having grown up immersed in G‑d’s presence and teachings in its desert “academy,” it did not subject its connection to G‑d to the approval of human intellect.

Similarly, when we inspire ourselves to fulfill our Divine mission unconditionally, optimistically focused on our ultimate goal, G‑d grants us the opportunity to make our dreams come true and lead us to the final Redemption.1