G‑d then gave the Jewish people the 613 commandments contained in the Torah. Of these, He gave ten explicitly: to believe in G‑d, not to serve idols, to respect G‑d’s name, to observe the Sabbath, to honor parents, not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to kidnap, not to lie when testifying, and not to desire other people’s homes, spouses, or possessions. The remaining 603 commandments were implicit within these.
The Cure for Envy
לֹא תַחְמֹד בֵּית רֵעֶךָ וגו': (שמות כ:יד)
You must not desire your fellow’s house. Exodus 20:14

G‑d provides each of us with all the resources – possessions, talents, and strengths – that we require to fulfill our unique mission in life. We each achieve our ultimate fulfillment by dedicating these resources to our Divine mission and utilizing them to heighten the awareness of G‑d in the world. Any resources that G‑d has not provided us with at any given moment are thus not necessary for fulfilling our mission, and would in fact sidetrack us from the development of our fullest potential. Reflecting on this truth will cure us of any envy.1