The Torah then reviews the lineage of Moses and Aaron, for their lineage was an important factor contributing to the Jewish people’s acceptance of them as leaders.
Moses and Aaron
הוּא אַהֲרֹן וּמֹשֶׁה וגו': (שמות ו:כו)
These are Aaron and Moses. Exodus 6:26

Moses was the transmitter of the Torah that he received from G‑d. The “Moses” aspect of our lives is thus the study of G‑d’s Torah and the performance of His commandments. Aaron was the first high priest. The “Aaron” aspect of our lives is thus prayer, for prayer reaches up to G‑d as did the sacrifices that were offered up by the priests.

The Torah sometimes mentions Moses before Aaron and sometimes mentions Aaron before Moses. This teaches us that sometimes we need to first study the Torah or fulfill some commandment in order to properly relate to G‑d in prayer. At other times, we might need to connect to G‑d through prayer before studying the Torah or fulfilling its commandments, in order to study or act in selfless devotion to G‑d.1