The eighth section of the Book of Exodus begins as G‑d tells Moses to command (Tetzaveh, in Hebrew) the Jewish people to provide the olive oil to be used to fuel the lamps of the Tabernacle’s Candelabrum. He then described the special garments that the priests – Moses’ brother Aaron and Aaron’s present and future descendants – would wear whenever they officiated in the Tabernacle. Aaron’s sons became the first “ordinary” priests, who officiated in a uniform comprising four garments; Aaron became the first “high priest,” who wore an eight-garment uniform and was entrusted with duties and privileges beyond those of ordinary priests. After describing the priests’ garments, G‑d instructed Moses to follow a week-long ritual in order to install his brother and nephews into their priestly office. This is followed by the description of the Altar for incense, which was positioned in the outer chamber of the Sanctuary, near the Candelabrum and the Table of twelve breads.