On the third day of Abraham’s recovery after his circumcision, G d appeared to him, paying a visit to the sick.
Spiritual Transparency
וַיֵּרָא אֵלָיו ה' וגו': (בראשית יח:א)
G‑d appeared to [Abraham]. Genesis 18:1

G‑d’s self-revelation here to Abraham was on a fundamentally higher plane than His previous appearances to him. By circumcising himself in response to G‑d’s command, Abraham became the first human being to surrender his selfhood entirely to G‑d. Abraham could now experience G‑d directly, without his ego getting in the way. Thus, Abraham’s circumcision paved the way for the Giving of the Torah, through which this self-transparency became the hallmark of Jewish existence.

This means that by accepting the Torah from G‑d and committing ourselves to living according to His vision for us, we can remove all barriers between G‑d and ourselves. This, in turn, enables G‑d to reveal Himself in our lives in increasingly tangible ways.1