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Global Jewish On-line Center

Moscow, Russia

Global Jewish On-line Center

25 Nikitsky Bulvar
Suite 4
Moscow, 121099 Russia
Phone: 7-495-290-5723
Local Time:

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Rabbi Avraham Grozman, Director Send an Email Message

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Web Site Rabbi.Ru

Jewish Community Center
5A, 2nd Vysheslavtzev per.
Moscow, Russia
Phone: 7-495-6455000
Local Time:

Personnel »
Rabbi Avraham Grozman, Director Send an Email Message

Services »

Jewish Community Center Jewish Community Center Adult Education Adult Education
Judaica/Gift Shop Judaica/Gift Shop Synagogue Synagogue
Library Library Teen Club Teen Club
Children's Club Children's Club Senior Club & Study Senior Club & Study
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Instruction Bar/Bat Mitzvah Instruction Bat Mitzvah Club Bat Mitzvah Club
Holiday Awareness Programs Holiday Awareness Programs Communal Lectures Communal Lectures
Mezuzah and Tefillin Checking Mezuzah and Tefillin Checking One-on-One Study One-on-One Study
Kosher Meal Plan Kosher Meal Plan Children with Special Needs Children with Special Needs
Anti-Cult & Missionary Anti-Cult & Missionary Kitchen Koshering Kitchen Koshering
Circumcision Circumcision Mitzvah Tank Mitzvah Tank
Hospital Visitation Hospital Visitation Prison Visitation Prison Visitation
Hospital Chaplaincy Hospital Chaplaincy Regular Classes Regular Classes
Seniors Visitation Seniors Visitation Marriage Prep Marriage Prep
Funeral Services Funeral Services Employment Services Employment Services
Women's Group Women's Group Publications Publications
Mezuzah Loans/Service Mezuzah Loans/Service Shabbat/Holiday Hospitality Shabbat/Holiday Hospitality
Weddings Weddings Bar Mitzvah Club Bar Mitzvah Club
Guest Accomodations Guest Accomodations

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