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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Laws and Customs

The 10-day period beginning on Rosh Hashanah and ending on Yom Kippur is known as the "Ten Days of Repentance"; this is the period, say the sages, of which the prophet speaks when he proclaims (Isaiah 55:6) "Seek G-d when He is to be found; call on Him when He is near." Psalm 130, Avinu Malkeinu and other special inserts and additions are included in our daily prayers during these days.

The Baal Shem Tov instituted the custom of reciting three additional chapters of Psalms each day, from the 1st of Elul until Yom Kippur (on Yom Kippur the remaining 36 chapters are recited, thereby completing the entire book of Psalms). Click below for today's three Psalms.

Chapter 106 Chapter 107 Chapter 108

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Daily Thought

The soul emerges from her intimate bond with G-d and invests herself within a human form, wrapped up in the transient concerns and pain of the flesh. Yet the imprint of that bond is never erased.

It is that bond that pulls her incessantly to return, like a magnet pulled towards its lost other half. All the searching of the human soul is an outward expression of this dynamic, this thirst to return.

Yet, as innate as this yearning may be, it must nevertheless be awakened. To thirst for closeness, the soul must first realize she is distant.

That is why return in all its strength and passion is found in the soul which has wandered far from her true self—and then awakened to recognize she is lost.

There is great bounty to be found in this journey. For the soul is G‑d’s fishing net. In her desperation to reunite with Him, she finds G‑d in every corner of His world. And so, these too are pulled in.

And the deeper the descent, the greater the treasure.