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Monday, August 17, 2020

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

R. Yehoshua was one of the leading Polish scholars of his day, and was held in great reverence by his contemporaries. He led a Talmudic academy in Cracow which attracted many noteworthy disciples (such as R. Shabtai HaKohen, the Shach).

R. Yehoshua authored Maginei Shlomo, devoted to answering the difficulties raised by the Tosafist scholars against Rashi in his Talmud commentary. He also authored a collection of halachic responsa titled Pnei Yehoshua (not to be confused with the Talmudic commentary of the same name authored by his great-grandson, R. Yaakov Yehoshua [see entry for 14 Shevat]).

Daily Thought

How can a teacher bring her students to speak only good things about one another?

Explain to them that the One who made heaven and earth loves each one of them deeply, as much as parents would love an only child born to them in their elder years, and infinitely more so.

And explain that if this loving Creator made us capable of seeing and hearing, obviously He must have the true seeing and the true hearing. He is aware of everything that is happening in His universe.

So that if you say pleasant things about another person, He certainly listens to every word said and watches to see how it is said.

And obviously, you would never imagine speaking badly about His beloved child in His presence. And His presence fills the entire universe.

The teacher must always remind the students, “Think, children, of what you are saying. There is an eye that sees and an ear that hears.”

Letter to a teacher, 19 Shevat 5721.