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Sunday, June 10, 2018

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Halachic Times (Zmanim)
Times for Westborough, MA 01581
3:08 AM
Dawn (Alot Hashachar):
4:05 AM
Earliest Tallit and Tefillin (Misheyakir):
5:10 AM
Sunrise (Hanetz Hachamah):
8:55 AM
Latest Shema:
10:12 AM
Latest Shacharit:
12:46 PM
Midday (Chatzot Hayom):
1:25 PM
Earliest Mincha (Mincha Gedolah):
5:16 PM
Mincha Ketanah (“Small Mincha”):
6:52 PM
Plag Hamincha (“Half of Mincha”):
8:22 PM
Sunset (Shkiah):
8:57 PM
Nightfall (Tzeit Hakochavim):
12:46 AM
Midnight (Chatzot HaLailah):
76:52 min.
Shaah Zmanit (proportional hour):
Jewish History

Rabbi Chananya ben Tradyon, one of the "Ten Martyrs" (see entry for Sivan 25) was killed on this date. When the Romans discovered him teaching the outlawed Torah they wrapped him in a Torah scroll, piled bundles of twigs around him, and before setting him afire they placed damp woolen cloths on him to prolong the agony of being burned to death.

As the flames engulfed him, his disciples asked him, "Master, what do you see?" Rabbi Chananya replied: "I see a scroll burning, but the letters flying up to Heaven."

The Ten Martyrs

Daily Thought

Captivity begins once you concede that you are small and the world is big.

Once you believe that, next you are likely to believe it will step on you, and so you fear it.

And then you come to obey it, then to run after it. And then you are its slave, thirsting for water for the soul yet unable to remember where to look for it.

To fear the world is to deny the Oneness of its Creator.