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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

On Adar 24, Czar Alexander I of Russia declared the Blood Libel -- the infamous accusation that Jews murdered Christian children to use their blood in the baking of matzah for Passover, for which thousands of Jews were massacred through the centuries -- to be false. Nevertheless, nearly a hundred years later the accusation was officially leveled against Mendel Beilis in Kiev.

Link: A detailed look at the Beilis case, including primary evidence, photographs, interviews and a documentary.

Daily Thought

How can you know if you can lift this place up, or if it will pull you down?

Because we have a Torah, and the Torah is our guide. And we have sages of Torah, and they can instruct us. If the Torah says you must go, you are capable of healing that place. If the Torah says you cannot go, it will be healed somehow else.

No matter how great an opportunity it may seem, no matter how fantastic the immediate rewards may appear, you will not redeem the sparks, but only give more nurture to the darkness that holds them captive.

Second night of Pesach, 1958 (5718)