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Friday, 3 Adar I, 5782

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

R. Mordechai Jaffe served as the rabbi of numerous communities in Poland and Lithuania. Among his more well-known works are Levush Malchus,a halachic code following the order of R. Jacob ben Asher’s Arbaah Turim, and Levush HaOrah,a super-commentary to R. Shlomo Yitzchaki’s Torah commentary. R. Mordechai served as the head of the “Council of Four Lands,” the government-sanctioned Jewish organization entrusted with dealing with Jewish communal affairs. In addition to Talmud and Jewish law, R. Mordechai was also well-versed in both Kabbalah and astronomy.

Link: Rabbi Mordechai Jaffe

Daily Thought

“Love G-d and serve Him with all your heart.”
—Deuteronomy 11:13.

What is a service that is performed within the heart? This could only be speaking of prayer.
—Talmud Taanit 2a.

Prayer means that when your heart bursts with pain, pour it out to Him.

When it yearns, speak to Him about your yearnings.

When your heart is broken, ask Him to mend it.

When your heart feels empty, ask Him to fill it.

Wherever your heart is at, whatever it is being, connect that to His Being.

Make your heart His sanctuary, the place where you find Him.