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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History
Rabbi Eliezer ben Eliyahu Ashkenazi (1512-1585) was a highly regarded Talmudist, as well as a physician. He authored various works, including Ma'ase ha-Shem -- a commentary on the historical portions of the Pentateuch, also including a commentary on the Passover Hagaddah -- and Yosef Lekach, dedicated and named after Don Yosef Nasi, the Duke of Naxos.

Daily Thought

On Chanukah, you could get by lighting one candle each day for the entire household.

You could do better and have everyone in the household light one candle each day.

But the best, most beautiful way to do the mitzvah of Chanukah is to light one more candle each day than you lit the day before.

And this is one mitzvah that the entire Jewish world decided to do in the most beautiful way.

Because, when it’s light outside, it’s okay to just do what’s needed.

But when it’s dark and cold, we’ve all got to do our very best.

Igrot Melech, vol. 1, pg. 262 (footnote).