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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

On this day, Ezra the Scribe went up to the Holy Temple and fasted, prayed, and cried in public. While he prayed and confessed, weeping and prostrating himself in front of the Temple, a large assemblage of men, women, and children gathered around him.

At that time, all of the assembled priests and Israelites swore to send away their non-Jewish wives. Ezra then issued a proclamation that all Jews residing in Israel should assemble in three days' time in Jerusalem (see Today in Jewish History for the 20th of Kislev).

Links: Ezra - Chapter 9; Ezra - Chapter 10.

Daily Thought

Joseph was imprisoned in Egypt. He knew there was purpose in his being there; that when the time came he would be released.

Eventually, it happened: Pharaoh’s cupbearer asked Joseph to interpret his dream. Joseph thought, “This is it! This man is the means by which I shall be redeemed.”

He interpreted the dream favorably: the cupbearer would soon be released. And he asked one thing: “Plead for me before Pharaoh.”

The dream was fulfilled; the cupbearer was released.
And he promptly forgot Joseph until two years later.

The wise men say that had Joseph not relied on the Egyptian, but solely on G-d alone, he would have been released two years earlier.

There is no person, no thing, no scheme upon which your livelihood or your fate rests.
There is only the flow of blessing from Above.

True, that flow clothes itself in tangible means, in job opportunities, in new clientele, in fresh markets, in well-connected acquaintances
-but all these are only channels, not the source. Grasp any one of them and it may crumble in your hands.

Grasp the Source of Life.