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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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Halachic Times (Zmanim)
Times for Westborough, MA 01581
5:25 AM
Dawn (Alot Hashachar):
6:02 AM
Earliest Tallit and Tefillin (Misheyakir):
6:52 AM
Sunrise (Hanetz Hachamah):
9:40 AM
Latest Shema:
10:38 AM
Latest Shacharit:
12:33 PM
Midday (Chatzot Hayom):
1:03 PM
Earliest Mincha (Mincha Gedolah):
3:55 PM
Mincha Ketanah (“Small Mincha”):
5:07 PM
Plag Hamincha (“Half of Mincha”):
6:14 PM
Sunset (Shkiah):
6:43 PM
Nightfall (Tzeit Hakochavim):
12:33 AM
Midnight (Chatzot HaLailah):
57:30 min.
Shaah Zmanit (proportional hour):
Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
Laws and Customs

Today is the first of the two Rosh Chodesh ("Head of the Month") days for the month of Cheshvan (when a month has 30 days, both the last day of the month and the first day of the following month serve as the following month's Rosh Chodesh).

Special portions are added to the daily prayers: Hallel (Psalms 113-118) is recited -- in its "partial" form -- following the Shacharit morning prayer, and the Yaaleh V'yavo prayer is added to the Amidah and to Grace After Meals; the additional Musaf prayer is said (when Rosh Chodesh is Shabbat, special additions are made to the Shabbat Musaf). Tachnun (confession of sins) and similar prayers are omitted.

Many have the custom to mark Rosh Chodesh with a festive meal and reduced work activity. The latter custom is prevalent amongst women, who have a special affinity with Rosh Chodesh -- the month being the feminine aspect of the Jewish Calendar.

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Daily Thought

One who has given up hope is without a G‑d.

One who sees hope in each day is already free.