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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Erev Sukkot
Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Laws and Customs

It is customary to prepare the "four kinds" for use on Sukkot, binding the three hadassim (myrtle twigs) and two aravot (willow twigs) to the lulav (palm frond), in the sukkah on the afternoon preceding the festival.

Link: It Takes All Kinds

When Shabbat occurs immediately following a festival -- as it does this year -- an "eruv tavshilin" (i.e., food for at least one "meal" that is set aside in advance for Shabbat) must be prepared prior to the festival, so that it should be permitted to prepare food for Shabbat during the festival.

Daily Thought

Every moment that your soul inhabits this world, she can provide delight to her Maker above.

After 70, 80, maybe 120 years, your soul will ascend to a place above, a place of ecstasy as great as your soul can experience without dissolving into nothingness.

And what is that ecstasy?

No more than a trickle of the pleasure G‑d has from the labor of your soul here, now.

Torat Shmuel, Hemshech Vekachah 5637, chapter 17; Torat Menachem 5728, p. 220; Sichot Kodesh 5739, Naso 7.