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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

Chovat Halevavot, the classical work on Jewish ethics, was authored by Rabbi Bachya ben Yosef ibn Paquda (the first "Rabbeinu Bechayei") on or before 1161, and translated into Hebrew from the original Arabic by the famed translator R. Judah ibn Tibbon in 1167. It was first published on the 25th of Tevet of the year 5319 from creation (1559).

Daily Thought

As the days when you left Egypt, I will show them wonders.—Micah 7:15

There is a prophecy, not about miracles that the Creator will perform, but about those that He will show.

He will only need to show them, because they have already been performed. He performs them countless times every day, within the minute details of our lives.

They are the greatest of miracles. So great, they escape our perception. For our minds are incapable of perceiving a boundless G‑d within the neatly bounded order of a physical world.

Until the physical will have been transformed through our labor. Transformed and made transparent, so that these most ultimate of wonders will shine through.

Our world will be a lens to perceive the infinite.

Maamar Kimei Tzeit’cha 5712.