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Thursday, 19 Tevet, 5780

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

The 19th of Tevet is the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the passing) of American Jewish philanthropist Judah Touro (1775-1854).
Link: Judah Touro: Philantropist Par Excellence

R. Aryeh Leib Heller was the rabbi of the city of Stryi, in what is now Western Ukraine. His works—Ketzot Hachoshen, Avnei Milu’im, and Shav Shemateta—are known for their clear, logical analysis of Talmudic texts and ideas, and are staples that are studied in yeshivas throughout the world.

Daily Thought

Pull a rope to see where it’s connected.
Tug it to see how tightly.

So too, your trust in G‑d is the entire measure of your connection with Him.

When life pulls you down, stay calm and strong, bound to your Source Above.

See Igrot Kodesh, volume 6, #1663.