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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

R. Nassan Nata Schapiro was a saintly scholar who was proficient in both Talmud and kabbalah. He served as rabbi of Cracow, and authored Megaleh Amukos, a kabbalistic Torah commentary.

Daily Thought

Creativity is an exercise in paradox.

It is the artist’s expression of self. And yet the artist must remove himself from his art, with discipline and with skill, so that his creation will stand as its own reality, as a creation.

Creation of a universe from nothingness is the absolute paradoxical act.

It is the absolute expression of absolute existence, as existence emerges without bounds.

And it is the absolute of restraint, as the Creator conceals His presence within the act of sustaining a creation, so that this creation will perceive itself as its own being, and not simply an extension of its Creator.

So that in the very existence of this universe is manifest the ultimate oneness: That light and darkness, being and not-being converge at a point where all is one.

So that even when there is a heaven and an earth, there is nothing else but that elusive point we know as G‑d.

Sha’ar Hayichud V’Ha-emunah, chapter six.