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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Calendar for: Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie 4059 Dempster Street, Skokie, IL 60076   |   Contact Info
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Halachic Times (Zmanim)
Times for Skokie, IL 60076
5:22 AM
Dawn (Alot Hashachar):
6:00 AM
Earliest Tallit and Tefillin (Misheyakir):
6:51 AM
Sunrise (Hanetz Hachamah):
9:26 AM
Latest Shema:
10:19 AM
Latest Shacharit:
12:05 PM
Midday (Chatzot Hayom):
12:32 PM
Earliest Mincha (Mincha Gedolah):
3:12 PM
Mincha Ketanah (“Small Mincha”):
4:18 PM
Plag Hamincha (“Half of Mincha”):
5:20 PM
Sunset (Shkiah):
5:49 PM
Nightfall (Tzeit Hakochavim):
12:04 AM
Midnight (Chatzot HaLailah):
53:05 min.
Shaah Zmanit (proportional hour):
Events for Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie
Our Beis Medrash Boker 5:30 a.m. Torah study is growing in popularity like wildfire.
Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie
Our daily morning service takes place at 6:30 am, and at 8 am on some fast days and public holidays
Join Rabbi Yosef Posner in learning Gemara every weekday morning.
Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie
Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie
This class has a looser schedule. Please confirm with Mrs. Raices that class is meeting this week.
Lubavitch Chabad of Skokie
Cteen Junior's Jewish Essentials (for 6-8th grade) is a whole new way for teens to learn the fundamentals of Judaism. Classes are taught by Rabbi Yochanan Posner, and deal with the essentials which are often overlooked by the Jewish day school system because they are taken for granted, and it provides the grounding in Judaism which is needed by Jewish kids in public school.

Jewish Essentials is for Jewish boys and girls, grades 6-8, and meets on Tuesdays, at 6:30 pm.
Jewish History

Moses was born in Egypt on the 7th of Adar of the year 2368 from creation (1393 BCE). According to one opinion, the year of Moses' birth was a "leap year", and he was born in the first Adar.

Moses passed away on his 120th birthday -- Adar 7, 2488 (1273 BCE)

Moses- The Man of G-d
The Birth of a Leader
The Head
Moses Disappears
More on Moses
Is it Special to Pass Away on One's Birthday?

Laws and Customs

Once a month, as the moon waxes in the sky, we recite a special blessing called Kiddush Levanah, "the sanctification of the moon," praising the Creator for His wondrous work we call astronomy.

Kiddush Levanah is recited after nightfall, usually on Saturday night. The blessing is concluded with songs and dancing, because our nation is likened to the moon—as it waxes and wanes, so have we throughout history. When we bless the moon, we renew our trust that very soon, the light of G‑d's presence will fill all the earth and our people will be redeemed from exile.

Though Kiddush Levanah can be recited as early as three days after the moon's rebirth, the kabbalah tells us it is best to wait a full week, till the seventh of the month. Once 15 days have passed, the moon begins to wane once more and the season for saying the blessing has passed.


Kiddush Levana: Sanctification of the Moon
Brief Guide to Kiddush Levanah: Thank G‑d for the Moon!

Daily Thought

"As water, face to face, so the heart of a man to his fellow."(Proverbs 27:19)

Does G‑d then laugh? Does the Infinite Light cry over failure and rejoice in success? Does He that brings time and space into existence truly love with the passion of a frail human being or feel remorse as a creature trapped within the tunnel of time?

But G‑d desired the human soul with all its struggles. And the proof: We are here.

And when G‑d conceived this being, He looked down from His lofty realm beyond love and laughter, passion and remorse, and He said, "Shall she then be alone in her place and I in mine? Is this oneness?"

So He arranged a meeting place. He determined that the boundless emotions that are the fabric of the human soul would glimmer as well within the purity of the Infinite Light.

So that in love and laughter and compassion and awe and beauty, this human creature and G‑d could find one another, and neither would be alone.

Maamar B’Sha’ah She’alah 5725.