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Leeds, England | change

Monday, February 11, 2019

Calendar for: Lubavitch Centre of Leeds Leeds, LS17 8AD England   |   Contact Info
Halachic Times (Zmanim)
Times for Leeds, England
5:42 AM
Dawn (Alot Hashachar):
6:29 AM
Earliest Tallit and Tefillin (Misheyakir):
7:34 AM
Sunrise (Hanetz Hachamah):
9:54 AM
Latest Shema:
10:43 AM
Latest Shacharit:
12:20 PM
Midday (Chatzot Hayom):
12:46 PM
Earliest Mincha (Mincha Gedolah):
3:12 PM
Mincha Ketanah (“Small Mincha”):
4:12 PM
Plag Hamincha (“Half of Mincha”):
5:07 PM
Sunset (Shkiah):
5:45 PM
Nightfall (Tzeit Hakochavim):
12:19 AM
Midnight (Chatzot HaLailah):
48:38 min.
Shaah Zmanit (proportional hour):
Events for Lubavitch Centre of Leeds
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Bagels and brain storming on the weekly Parshah and contemporary events. Weekly excluding public Holidays at Ward Hadaway Solicitors, Wellington Street.
Lubavitch Centre of Leeds
Contact Mrs Bell for details on 07963 316 279
Jewish History

Rabbi Shmaryahu Gurary ("Rashag") was born in 1898; his father, a wealthy businessman and erudite scholar, was a leading chassid of the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom DovBer Schneersohn (1860-1920). In 1921, Rabbi Shmaryahu married Chanah Schneersohn (1899-1991), the oldest daughter of the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880-1950). When Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak passed away in 1950, there were those who saw Rabbi Shmaryahu -- an accomplished Chassidic scholar and elder of the Rebbe's two surviving sons-in-law -- as the natural candidate to head the movement; but when the younger son-in-law, Rabbi Menachem Mendel, was chosen as rebbe, Rabbi Shmaryahu became his devoted chassid. Rabbi Shmaryahu served as the executive director of Tomchei Temimim, the world-wide Lubavitch yeshiva system -- a task entrusted to him by his father-in-law -- until his passing on the 6th of Adar I in 1989.

Daily Thought

Waves of life flow from the heavens above, carrying with them all your needs.

Celebrate whatever comes to you, out loud and with joy, and your voice echoes back with waves of even greater force.

The channels of life are widened and their currents grow strong.

Hayom Yom, 13 Iyar; Likutei Sichot vol. 14, pg. 403 (based on Zohar).