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Shabbat, October 13, 2018

Halachic Times (Zmanim)
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Jewish History

In 1541, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and ruler of Spain, led a fleet in an attempted attack against Algiers. Miraculously, a storm capsized many of the attacking boats, resulting in the expedition’s failure and rescuing the city’s Jewish community from Spanish anti-Semitic rule. In commemoration of the miracle, the local community marked 4 MarCheshvan as a “minor Purim,” omitting the penitential Tachanun prayers and partaking of festive meals (Zeh Hashulchan pp. 96–97).

The Other Purims

Daily Thought

How did He make a world?

First, He thought to Himself, “I desire light. I desire love. I desire acts of kindness and beauty.” And He saw that this was good.

Then He put aside that light. As a person who puts aside his dreams so that he can begin the work that will make them possible, so the Creator put aside the vision He first desired.

And He made a world. As though that was the whole point, a world for the sake of being a world.

Only much later in the story did someone hear a whisper, “Do you know the real purpose for which I made this world?”

Now you know why reality is hard and love is soft,
Why apathy flows with ease while kindness must climb mountains,
Why light is always the intruder upon the boundless empire of darkness.

And yet, in the end, light is the hidden destiny of all that is.