Every once in a while, it's important to kvetch to your boss in order to help him appreciate just how hard you are working. It's a vital tactic so he won't take you for granted, or figure that since productivity comes to you so easily, he can pile even more work your way.

With that in mind, I began kvetching to my superior about my overwhelming workload.

"You're right, Chana, you do a lot," he empathized wisely. (I guess he also studied Psychology 101.) Then, without missing a beat, he countered, "Why don't you try writing shorter pieces for your blog? Write just any thought you had in your day. You could do that, say, two or even three times a week, instead of writing a longer, more involved piece only once a week."

Huh? How did that happen? He is really an astute fellow, so I have no doubt that he grasped very well that doing three times the work would not help lessen my load! But, I guess, once upon a time, he also worked under superiors and identified my tactic. He figured if he offered me this alternative, I'd be content to return to "only" what I was already doing.

But his suggestion made me think. Imagine that, three times a week, you'd write down a novel idea that came to your mind, an idea to share with others.

Not an easy task.

How many of us have three worthy thoughts a week that are appropriate, enlightening and wise enough to impart to others? Since the human being is distinguishable from all other species by being crowned with intelligence and discernment, maybe an even better question to ask is, why don't we?

Now that's something to think about.

And maybe even write about.