On the 12th of Tammuz 5744 (1984), the Rebbe delivered an emotional talk. The talk was delivered in Yiddish; yet, even if you don't understand the language, the raw pain and frustration expressed transcend the language barrier. The following is a free translation of excerpts of this talk:

The Gaon of Ragachov writes that the destruction of the Holy Temple is an ongoing event. Not a onetime event that happened more than 1,900 years ago, but something that continues to happen every day. This assertion, the Gaon explains, has its source in the Jerusalem Talmud, where it is stated: "Any generation that the Temple was not rebuilt in its days, it is considered as if that generation destroyed it."

Simply put, this means that though more than 1,900 years have passed since the Temple's destruction, still, since today – Thursday of the week when we read the Torah portion of Pinchas – the Temple was not built, it is considered as if the Temple was destroyed today.

And since Jews screamed ad mosai ["how long will this exile last?"] yesterday, and they screamed ad mosai the day before yesterday, and they screamed ad mosai all the days before that, and yet, today the Temple was destroyed, it is obvious how much screaming of ad mosai there must be today!

Imagine the scene: The Holy Temple is being burned down. Standing nearby is a Jew – an ordinarily emotionless Jew, a completely stonehearted Jew – witnessing the destruction as it takes place. Without question, [in his effort to prevent the destruction from continuing,] he would "overturn worlds"!

Says our Torah—the Torah of Truth, the Torah that provides guidance for life: "Overturn worlds." TODAY!