Shalom Jewish moms and daughters!

Tonight, September 4th, while lighting the Shabbat candles, 100s of 1000s of Jewish women and girls all over the globe will have in mind Gilad ben Aviva, Gilad Shalit, who has been suffering in captivity for the past three years. The power of our candles and prayers can, with G‑d's help, bring Gilad home to spend Rosh Hashanah with his family who miss him and yearn for him so terribly.

What we're going to do:

1. In Gilad's merit, we'll all light Shabbat candles—even those who may not do so (yet) on a regular basis.

2. Before lighting candles, we'll give some extra charity in the merit of Gilad ben Aviva.

3. After we light the candles, we'll pray for the speedy release of Gilad ben Aviva, and also for strength and relief for Gilad's parents, who, along with their son, have been living a nightmare, which we pray ends immediately.

In the merit of righteous women, Gilad should be with us very very soon. May we hear good news!

Shabbat shalom, and we all merit to have a sweet and peaceful new year.