Dear Reader,

I want to bring to your attention a grassroots campaign to raise awareness about the plight of Gilad Shalit, an IDF soldier cruelly held hostage by Hamas terrorists for more than three years now. The more folks get involved, the more effective we can be in accomplishing the goal of exposing this issue to millions of people who most likely do not know who Gilad Shalit is.

The tactic is simple:

Tomorrow, Wednesday (two days before Gilad's birthday), thousands of Twitter users will sign on and tweet Gilad Shalit's name (using the #GiladShalit hashtag) as often as possible, so that he becomes a top ten "trending topic" on the popular networking site.

If everyone does this all at once in a coordinated fashion, hopefully we can accomplish great things online.

Can we count on you to unify with us in this effort?