We met the P. Family in their lovely home. Although Mr. P. is not Jewish, he is very accepting of his Venezuelan-Jewish wife and kids and encourages them to explore and grow in their Judaism.

The kids are very nice, and lapped up whatever we shared with them. We spoke about every Jewish topic under the sun: the month of Elul, Jewish education, bar-mitzvahs and Jewish camps. We helped the older boy don tefillin and install a mezuzah on the front door.

The boys were especially interested in attending Jewish summer camps the coming summer and we told them that we would, G‑d willing, help them find good ones.

Mrs. P. told us that her oldest daughter studies in Atlanta and was thrilled when we told her how to get in touch with the Chabad center there. The kids were also very happy to find out about Chabad's website just for Jewish kids.

By the time we got back to our lodgings, we already had an email from Mrs. P. thanking us for the visit and telling us how wonderful the kids' website is.