For a start, we pulled into our local farmers' market, which convenes in a parking lot once a week. One of the stalls caught our eye. They were selling packages labeled challah. Turns out the proprietors are a sweet aged Jewish couple, who discovered that there is big market for challah among the college demographic. Apparently it's considered a cool kinda bread.

We then headed over to Nevada City, where we had a heart to heart with Judy. She took upon herself to light Shabbat candles.

Then we nipped into the nearest hippie store (there are many), where the owner told us that there is a Jewish woman down the road who goes by the remarkable name of Bubeleh. The minute we walked into her store, our cover was blown. She knew everything about us, the who, the what and the where. We soon found out that there was very little she did not know, including the directions to both of the Jewish cemeteries (see pic).

Needless to say we took the opportunity to say some chapters of Psalms by the gravesites.