In this letter, the Rebbe responds to an individual who wished to move from Jerusalem to another city. This person already owned a home in Jerusalem, but wanted to purchase a home closer to the Torah school where he worked. I have translated the letter from the original Hebrew (while removing all identifying information):

New condos ready to be filled in the Israeli city of Kiryat Malakhi
New condos ready to be filled in the Israeli city of Kiryat Malakhi

May 4, 1953

Greetings and blessings!

In response to your question regarding the opportunity to purchase a house in proximity to [...], the location where you are involved in holy work.

In my opinion it is an appropriate idea—if the house is suitable, spacious, and if your wife agrees. Regarding your home in Jerusalem, it is advisable for the first time period to rent it out, and not to sell it [immediately]. G‑d should grant success to you and your household in all of your needs—material and spiritual.

With blessing for success,

M. Schneerson

P.S. […]

On a related note, my grandmother, Esther Bukiet, related to me:

"For many years, your Zaidy (grandfather) wanted to move to Crown Heights in order to live closer to the Rebbe, but I preferred to live close to the friends that I made over the years in East Flatbush (a Brooklyn community a short distance from Crown Heights).

"So Zaidy wrote to the Rebbe asking what to do. The Rebbe responded: 'It is up to the wife where to live...'"