Good news for rum aficionados! Bacardi is kosher. We know because today we visited the Bacardi Rum Factory in Catano, Puerto Rico, to review the production process and to see first hand whether the rum is kosher and okay for Jewish consumers. Turns out that…it is! According to the people we spoke to, they produce a hundred thousand bottles of rum each day—now that is a lot of kosher drink!

Some highlights of our trip included shmoozing with the senior manager of the plant, donning hardhats and touring the entire factory, a private lesson on how to mix the best rum-based cocktails that Puerto Rico has to offer, and the beautiful view of the Atlantic we enjoyed both ways from Isla Verda. Best of all, they were giving free drinks! (Too bad we had to drive…)

Got to run, we are making a yahrtzeit Mincha minyan!