Lag B'Omer is the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the passing) of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, one of the greatest sages of the Talmud. He is well-known as the author of the Zohar, the fundamental text of the Kabbalah, which teaches us about Jewish mysticism. It was on this day, his final day, that he revealed the secrets of secrets that would illuminate our world like never before. With revelation comes liberation—especially if the secrets are about just how much G‑d loves His children. I might have known that before, but never with such detail and clarity.

There are different motivations to conceal things. Rabbi Shimon needed permission from on high to reveal what he revealed. The world wasn't ready for the powerfully blinding truths of Kabbalah until that time. So we rejoice because the world reached a point to have a teacher like Rabbi Shimon, whom G‑d trusted to open the gates of mysticism.

But then there is another motivation to keep a secret, a motivation that is not divinely sanctioned. My friends in recovery have a saying that addresses this type: "We are as sick as our secrets."

Keeping this type of secrets by hiding, being isolated or withdrawn will fuel the shame that holds us all back from growing. It's the fungus of the soul that thrives in darkness. The Chassidic master Rebbe Elimelech recommends that we have a trusted friend in whom we can confide, and to whom we can reveal all our thoughts as well as our actions.

The ultimate secret is that there is a loving caring Father in heaven who is recreating us anew constantly. We are precious, imperfect and valuable beyond our wildest imagination. This must be exposed not only to the world, but especially to the ones who are so busy being on guard, fearful of being exposed, saying to themselves: "If they knew who I really am, then they would reject me. The false truth that I invest so much of my life into hiding is that I am not worth much." When talked out with a friend, then the real truth gets its chance to be exposed. The fear of being discovered can be crippling. Such a relief, such a sense of being free to tell it to someone. I am finally free from the fear that keeps me alone.

This Lag B'Omer celebrate that your secret is out!