Amo is back at base, resting, taking his first shower and taking off his vest and boots for the first time in two weeks.

He is happy to be finished and to be back in civilization, to see cars and Israelis. He was very happy to have a proper meal and is looking forward to getting some sleep.

I told him how we are all so happy that he is out of harm's way and how much we all prayed for him and are thinking about him here. He said he is just fine, G‑d has been very good to him, but we should keep praying for all the injured soldiers, they still need our prayers, for them the war isn't over.

He spoke of how he fought alongside soldiers who came from cities which were under constant shelling from Gaza; he is no hero, all the soldiers went through it together. It was tough, it was not a pleasant experience, but they were all in it together.

They are hoping that a truce will be real and they won't have to go back in. It's no fun being under all that stress and having to be in battle.

He promised me some pictures as soon as he can get to a computer.

Thank G‑d Amo has returned safe. I thank everyone who has added in their mitzvot and prayers for the safety of Amo and his boys. I suggest that we continue the mitzvot that we have taken upon ourselves and the prayers for the wellbeing of those who are still in need of miracles. May G‑d send them miracles and may we all merit the time of true peace for the entire world with the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.