We got a report about Amo—he spoke quickly and sounded good.

One of the most difficult moments in the battle was when they had to provide cover from enemy fire as the terrorists tried to take advantage of the IDF during an evacuation in a friendly fire incident. After providing cover for the evacuation they had the very difficult task of cleaning up. There was a powerful silence amongst the soldiers as they cleaned up blood stained gear, still-crackling radios and equipment.

Thank G‑d they are very strong and being extremely successful. They have been able to successfully accomplish many missions that have been given to them.

They are praying and the morale is high. The unity and brotherhood amongst the soldiers is amazing. "Tell Mom and everyone not to worry about me, I am fine!"

He and his friends were very appreciative for all the gift packages they got including thermal socks and underclothing.

From what we have heard, they have plenty of food; Amo is eating lots of tuna, doesn't really eat much of the luf (salami in a tin). They sleep in foxholes and see miracles daily.

We heard that some of the houses they have seen are massive and fully equipped with kitchens and other amenities on every floor.

Amo be safe! We are praying for you.