I spoke to a friend of Amo's in Israel today who is dealing with some technical things for him. Although much of the conversation revolved around that, he did talk a bit about what Amo and his team are going through.

He mentioned the ambush they encountered in the first days, and described the enemy fire they are battling. On the first day of the ground operations, they were meant to take over a building and use the top floor as a look out. As they were about to enter, one of the unit members spotted a wire—so they didn't go in. Before they knew it, the soldiers heard a massive explosion and Amo saw two of his boys flying through the air from the force of the blast.

Thank G‑d they were okay, but realized the horrifying danger they had just escaped. Apparently, the terrorists expected our soldiers to use the top floor as a lookout, and booby-trapped it.

We also heard that the boys in the unit are working hard; even in the houses they take over, they are always watching for terrorists popping out of tunnels hidden in the floors. There is the sound of bullets whizzing around constantly. We hear, however, that Amo sounds confident and in good spirits, thank G‑d!

Amo, we are all praying for you and your team. Tonight at TFC (Teens for the Community) we made a video in support of the IDF and Israel. I hope you'll get some rest soon and be able to see it. May G‑d guard and protect you all from harm.

Amo today they called me from BBC Radio, asking about you. They wanted to know why a Canadian boy joined the Israeli army. I wasn't lying when I told them how much you care about the Nation of Israel and the Land of Israel, and the strength you express in protecting and serving the Jewish people.

The interviewer asked me if I plan on joining you. I said that I am with you now; we are working together. We are both protecting the Jewish people. While you're doing it in Gaza – and it sure is quite a daring task – I am teaching Jewish youth in Thornhill the values of Torah, mitzvot and the Jewish people. Together we bring Jewish pride to our people, preserve and protect them and prepare this world for the coming of Moshiach.

Be safe Amo—call when you can, we all miss you!

Readers: Please continue to add in your mitzvot and prayers for Avraham Meir Ben Leah Naomi and all the other soldiers, especially as we are hearing of the dangers they are constantly facing. May our prayers serve as a protection for all the soldiers.