We just got a report about Amo.

Someone who spoke to Amo repeated his excited words, "You have no idea, I love it here! Get this, Friday night my unit held Shabbat prayer services in a shelled house which we took over… We couldn't have lights on so we had the place lit with flares, we were singing and dancing L'cha Dodi while mortar shells and rockets were going off all around us, but we didn't care... Now that's a Shabbat I won't forget, it was like a carnival!

"We're doing fine. I have my tefillin, tzitzit, Chitas and a dollar from the Rebbe, I feel protected and secure..."

He talked briefly and proudly about the business he is taking care of. He told how they have faced many booby traps and resistance in the past few days; in one round of fire his friend was hit in the leg...

Amo, we are all so proud of you, and your faith and determination is inspiring. We are all happy you're okay... but we're not sleeping at night, man. I am happy you're having a carnival, but finish up and get home!

Wow, what a breath of fresh air to hear about Amo. They say that he sounded strong and happy.

Although the war has now entered the second week of the ground offensive, and the initial reality of the war may be wearing off, please do not let up in saying Psalms and doing mitzvot. For the soldiers the danger is still very real and they need our prayers.